Today, in parallel with the rapid growth of industry, science and technology in the installation of crane rails have been major changes In a way that was undeniable dependence of industries on the type of equipment and codified standards in the world for how to design and install them has been developed ، However, despite the high demand to meet any national standards and specific guidelines And order of the sensitivity of the equipment and their selection in accordance with the expected operation does not exist..Sometimes employers and respected manufacturers due to lack of sufficient equipment to order that the disproportion of the circumstances leading to production costs such as ،Successive repairs and Employers and Manufacturers distorts the financial forecast Grdd.lza In addition we decided to introduce the company’s clutches rubber pads information on some of its mechanical properties to provide consumers are respected. The complex is to provide information to explore a variety of rails and schematic images of rail sections and a variety of rubber pads and crane rails mounted clamp common practices preparation (coating color and in different environments) developed and Dear artisans will be presented.