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About Yazd Steel

Yazd Steel Company as a trading company in the steel industry for all their efforts in order to create a basic relationship between the steel industry and the users of the industry has tried Since the establishment of the company as a trading company with the company name was founded in 1367 cooks stainless business, we have always tried to enhance business relationships with major manufacturers in the industry. Our firm commitment and confidence among customers and manufacturers always been the approval and admiration. The company bases itself on customer satisfaction and create an atmosphere of trust is established, and to this end is always trying to present the business activities to customer requirements to the extent possible did not answer.and support the need for the creation of commercial success of this company is the perfection of appreciation and gratitude and wish an atmosphere of trust in the collaboration between the future the to be sustained.


Awards Yazd Steel

  • Specialized consultancy and supply rails
  • The first manufacturer of standard clamps and rubber pads under the rails
  • ISO 9001 standard certificate of QAL England
  • Standard certificate CE 1282 from Italy